All roads lead to the fast-blossoming town of Lubao in Pampanga

Press Release (March 12, 2018)
Lubao Hosts World University Golf Championship
By: Graham C. Lim

Lubao, Pampanga — All roads lead to the fast-blossoming town of Lubao in Pampanga province for the 17th World University Golf Championship from May 16-19, 2018.

 A total of 21 countries have confirmed their participation in the prestigious event organized by the Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP) and sanctioned by the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

 These countries are Argentina, Australia, China, Czech, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong -China, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nepal, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, Chinese-Taipei, and the United States of America and host Philippines.

Mayor Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab

“We’re ready, all excited to play host to the World University Golf Championship,” said  Lubao Mayor Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab following an ocular inspection of the Pradera Vere Golf and Country Club, the site of the golf competitions, and a visit to the Mayor’s office by the FESSAP National Secretariat last weekend.

“We’re happy to welcome some of the best university golfers from all over the world. We want to bring international sports exposure to Lubao while also promoting tourism in our country. We look forward to affording the athletes and team officials a taste of Filipino hospitality during their stay in the province of Pampanga.”

Mayor Pineda-Cayabyab, who has given her all-out support to the event, is proud that Lubao has been chosen to host such athletic achievement of world magnitude, being a small town with a population of just 160,838 as of January 2017.

 As its mayor, Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab has worked wonders for Lubao and its friendly people with her various accomplishments. Her Pineda-Cayabyab’s passion to uplift the economic status of her constituents through livelihood programs has proven beneficial to the common people.

 “My success is the success of the people of Lubao,” said Pineda-Cayabyab, who also has been promoting youth activities in her town through sports and social programs.

Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab is the daughter of Governor Lilia Pineda of the Province of Pampanga. Both are devout Catholics who espouse family values and have a soft spot for the common people.


There have been famous personages that have brought glory to Lubao in its tradition-steeped history. Said to be the cradle of the Pampanga province, Lubao was able to produce two presidents from the Republic of the Philippines, the late Diosdado Macapagal (1961-65) and his daughter, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (2001-10).

Mayor Pineda-Cayabyab said that  Lubao is not only the oldest of all Pampanga towns but also the “cradle” of Pampanga civilization. As the gateway of a great civilization during its time, Lubao is colored with rich historical backgrounds and cultural relics. It was only last year that the Lubao people marked the 440th founding of its beloved town.

Lubao’s bountiful greenfields lands have flourished with rich forest mangroves that swarm with variety of aquatic sanctuaries; massive brackish fishponds that breed prawns and milkfish; rich swamplands that house sanctuaries for birds and inland ponds; crisscrossing estuaries and tributaries that nestle estuarine flora and fauna; a regrowing business center of trade, commerce, and industry; a host for the religious, entrepreneurs, artisans, artists, overseas contract workers, farmers, and fishermen; and the home of simple, bold, spiritual, and God-fearing citizens;

The beauty and hospitality of the Lubao town is one tourist promotion that Mayor Pineda-Cayabyab wants to sell to the world, through the 17th World University Golf Championship.

“The best that Lubao can offer we will do,” said Mayor Pineda-Cayabyab.

Undoubtedly, she will get the job done, hands-down …. And, expectedly, offer much, much more.