Phil. Delegation’s Flag Bearer to the 29th Summer Universiade

It’s official.

Philanthropist and sportsman Angel Ngu is the Flag Bearer of the Philippine delegation to the 29th Summer Universiade to be held in Taipei City from August 19 – 30 this year.

David Ong, president of the Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP), announced the designation of Angel Ngu, the president of the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII).


Ngu’s designation came after much-respected sports patron Alvin Tai Lian accepted FESSAP Board’s offer for him to be the country’s Head of Delegation to the Taipei Universiade.

“The FESSAP is very thankful of Businessman Angel Ngu and FFCCCII in their support of the country’s participation in the Taipei university games,” said David Ong. “It’s hard to find a legitimate sportsman/philanthropist whose sole motive is to help youth sports in our country. Businessman Angel Ngu is among the few. His advocacy to promote youth sports is noble as it enables our nationwide university student athletes to showcase their skills in an international competition such as Universiade that is billed by many as the Olympics at the university level.”


Alvin Tai Lian and David Ong both agrees added that Businessman Angel Ngu is a perfect choice as the Philippine flag bearer in the Taipei Universiade not only because of his business intelligence but also his humanitarian activities with the FFCCCII.

“These charitable projects have redound to upliftment of the poor and underprivileged with the establishment of various school rooms in the countryside and elsewhere, the holding of medical missions in the rural areas and the granting of scholarships to the less fortunate Filipinos,” said David Ong.

“It is for this reason that the FESSAP is naming businessman Angel Ngu to the position as Philippine flag bearer and the organization will be greatly honored of Mr. Ngu personal involvement in the Universiade.”

The formal acceptance by Ngu to the position will be held by the end of this month in a simple official ceremony to be held in Manila.


Aside from Taipei Universiade, the FESSAP looks forward to working with Angel Ngu in international competitions other than the Taipei Universiade. This includes the World University Championship in the various sports and sports competitions in Asia and Asia-Pacific.

Graham C. Lim, FESSAP secretary general, will be attending the Head of Delegation (HoD) in Taipei City to represent the country regarding the preparation on its regulations towards the 29th Summer Universiade in Taipei City next month.

The FESSAP is grateful to businessman Angel Ngu for having been a major player in its various activities and projects through the years.


本市訊:菲華體育總會名譽理事長戴亞明先生,將獲菲律濱學校體育 聯合會(FESSAP)委任為台北第29屆世界大學生夏季運動會 菲律賓代表團團長。

29屆世界大學生夏季運動會將於2017819-30日在 台北市舉行。

菲律濱學校體育聯合會會長王家煙,於1120日在校體聯岷倫洛 全國秘書處舉行的執行委員會會議中,提名戴亞明先生出任菲律賓代 表團團長。

戴亞明先生也是校體聯董事會主席,在他三年的任期內,為校體聯作 出了重大的貢獻。

戴亞明先生熱愛運動,他是華社社團領袖與慈善家,現任菲華商聯總 會董事會稽核。

29屆世界大學生夏季運動會將有以下運動比賽項目:田徑,籃球 ,跳水,擊劍,足球,體操藝術,體操節奏,柔道,游泳,乒乓球, 跆拳道,網球,排球,水球(共14個項目)。


菲律賓運動代表團屆時將參加田徑,羽毛球,籃球(男),高爾夫, 柔道,游泳,乒乓球,網球,跆拳道,舉重和武術項目。

王家煙會長表示,他期待戴亞明先生將繼續大力支持校體聯的各項方 案與活動。

此外,校體聯秘書長林剛淩表示,校體聯將會宣佈具有莫大榮譽的菲 律賓代表團旗手人選,並且將會及早著手各項籌備工作, 期待菲律賓能在來屆爭取好成績。

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